Jenrick IT is reporting that developers are in high demand across all client sectors as we enter into the last quarter of 2010. This is further demonstrated by the latest 'top 20' from ITjobswatch which places developers firmly at number 1 for the second week in a row. Whilst this may sound like great news for Recruiters, demand is outstripping supply resulting in a number of unfulfilled vacancies.
Philip Fanthom (Managing Director of Jenrick IT commented: “We have seen a fantastic growth in demand for IT developers throughout 2010 and this trend is set to continue, particularly in our private sector clients. At present, the main issue we are faced with is supply of quality candidates. We conduct a complimentary onsite recruitment audit for many of our clients and our advice in the last few weeks has been to (a) consider ‘plugging the talent gap’ with good quality contractors to ensure that projects are not delayed. Whilst this may sound expensive, the opportunity cost to the business if the project is delayed is usually significantly greater.(b) look at your pay and benefits structure – over 50% of the clients we have spoken to have not taken in to account the need to be competitive to attract top talent to their organisation in the current market”.
There appears to have been a big surge in demand for Microsoft development framework skills, more specifically; .Net and C#. Other current ‘hot skills’ include; PHP and Java Flex. In addition, Jenrick IT noted a sharp increase in requests for information on, and candidates with CRM skills including, MS Dynamics and Oracle 11i. A particular area of growth where candidates appear very ‘thin on the ground’ is the mobile device application development. Candidates and Contractors with Android experience are charging a premium for the expertise and are easily achieving these salaries and rates. The fastest growing demand for not only mobile skills but IT skills belongs to Android, which has increased 400 percent in the past six months (source: Elance).
Recruitment specialist, Miriam Lee commented: “I am currently working with a number of organisations where the demand for Android has gone ‘in to orbit’. We are using a variety of innovative methods to find these individuals and we are managing to achieve excellent rates and salaries for them. If there are any Android people out there who, perhaps, just want to hear what’s going on in the market give me a call any time”
You can contact Miriam via 01932 245500 or