Maximising the potential of your communication from Communications Specialist and Trainer, Kay White. Kay shares with us some superb tips and advice on how we can all improve the effectiveness of our communication in order to gain more from our career and life in general. In this interview with Kay, discover:
  • How to construct your sentences to make them more positive, persuasive and compelling
  • How to use communication to get what you want (vs what you want to avoid)
  • What to avoid! How you can sabotage yourself and tips on how to avoid it
  • Using NLP tools in your communication, everywhere
  • How to utilise your communication as a leader AND
  • What to do to begin to understand your personal brand
  • A limited opportunity Kay offers you to maximise your potential as you communicate
Some excellent practical advice which you can implement immediately within your personal life or working envrionment. To listen to the motivating interview with Kay White please click here.