After just 12 episodes we are amazed to see that the Maximise Potential Podcast is mixing it with the best on i-tunes! The latest charts have been released and Maximise Potential is ranked as the 2nd most popular podast within Careers. Jenrick is the leading sponsor of the podcast, which only started back in May of this year, becoming involved with the project after agreeing to sponsor an aspiring triathlete, Elliott Cole. The podcast is now quickly becoming associated with some of the most original, inspiring and educational content available on the internet with interviews from leading personalities such as;
  • Pen Hadow - Record-breaking polar Explorer
  • Greg Searle - Former Olympic and World Rowing Gold medalist
  • Steve Davies - Global Management Consultant
  • Bonita Norris - Youngest British Female to Climb Everest
With more exciting interviews lined up the podcast is due to continue to be associated with the very best podcasts for maximising your career, business and life! For those that have not heard the podcast yet, click on the link below to hear a brief extract from one of the Pen Hadow interviews: