Congratulations to Jo Eley who has just been awarded the very latest 'Jenrick Experience' which means that she has been given £1,000 to make her dream come true! Jo's full entry is detailed below:
After hearing Simon Murphy speak about the Jenrick experience and its true meaning, I went home and really thought long and hard about an experience that for me would truly be something to carry with me for the rest of my life and even, to a degree, be life changing. After much thought, and at the risk of ruining my street cred (if I in fact have any!), showing myself to be a true geek and even (some might say) a little morbid, I have thought of something that would be the ultimate once in a lifetime experience for me. I guess for me it started when I was very young, with my Uncle Jack telling me about his military service in Germany in the 1960's. He was part of a team who were responsible for guarding Spandau Prison in Berlin, where the Nazi Commandant of Auschwitz Rudolph Hess was imprisoned following the Nuremburg trials in 1946. As a kid and a tomboy at that I was hooked and after that I visited the Nazi Underground Hospital in Jersey and the Allied cemeteries. I visited the Imperial War Museum and the British National Museum, I chose World War 2 as my GCSE History project (yes I can remember back that far!!!) and interviewed my friends' grandparents who had lived and served through the war. I guess you could say I became a WW2 buff - I have watched and read numerous war documentaries, films and books - and was even lucky enough last year to meet John Boyne, the author of The Boy In The Striped Pyjamas, the book and film showing life in Auschwitz through the eyes of children. I particularly became interested in the Holocaust, and how people could be cruel to the extreme in the same space as people who could be brave to the extreme against all odds. I have read survivor accounts and marvel at how these people walked out of the camps considering the inhumane conditions they endured and the losses they were subjected to. I have always wanted to visit the places where these atrocities happened, particularly Auschwitz Birkenau and surrounding Krakow where over 1.5 million people died. It is a place that at once I find terrifying and poignant but also inspirational and fascinating. I would like my Jenrick Experience to be the chance to visit this place and document it in both pictures and words so both the objective and subjective are captured and contrasted. I would like to bring back my own personal journal of this amazing journey. Then I would potentially like to work with Kevin to blog this and share my experiences with not only Jenrick and Simon Holdings but to give access to any local groups and schools where it may educate and inspire an interest in this crucial and recent event in our history that really did lay down the roots for our current way of life. I personally feel it is a time in our history that should never be forgotten and I would gladly share my experience with anyone willing to listen! This in honesty is probably something I will never get round to doing without this opportunity as even though I am a sales person selling this to your partner as your only holiday of the year is a stretch for even the best!! I can genuinely say that for me this would truly be a thrilling journey with a rollercoaster of emotions and something that would in the very least bring me home humbled and grateful, and with lifetime memories, and at the most be a truly life altering experience. Thank you
Congratulations Jo from everyone at Jenrick and Simon Holdings!