The leading IT job sites are all reporting a marked increase in the numbers of contract roles being advertised. One job board has seen a 54% increase in the number of contract roles advertised during the first quarter of 2010, suggesting that we are entering into a full recovery for the contract market. The IT Job Board has reported a 16% increase in the number of advertised IT positions on its site, with the total number of roles advertised now standing at over 21,000.
Alex Farrell, MD of The IT Job Board commented: "We have continued to see a rapid rise in the number of positions being advertised in the first quarter of 2010, a real sign that the market is bouncing back."
The main in-demand skills according to Jenrick IT (Specialist IT Recruiter) are currently in the area of development, software engineers, analyst programmers with skills such as; C++, Java, Visual C++, C#, with Linux being the preferred operating system. This increase in demand is further demonstrated on IT Jobswatch, with Developers and Analysts taking the top two spots respectively. In addition, IT Jobswatch also indicated that rates for contract developers have increased by 16.6% in the last month, with skills such as Java jumping a massive 17.8% in rates. In fact the top 10 IT vacancies at present have all seen an increase in rate at an average or 10.4%.
Philip Fanthom (MD Jenrick IT) Commented: “We have seen a shift in market forces over the last two months, with contractors having 2 or 3 offers at the same time. This is forcing rates up. In addition, we have received a number of queries from clients looking to enquire about retention advice – this is a free service we offer to go on site and conduct a recruitment & retention audit”.
IT Permanent salaries are also on the rise, with an increase average of just under 10%, according to IT Jobswatch.