Jenrick IT's great start to the year has been validated in the latest news from Westminster. In the APSCo political monitor released Monday 22nd March, there is news to confirm that Unemployment figures have continued to fall for the third consecutive month. Hopefully these figures are correct and not merely pre-election 'creative accounting'! Work and Pensions Secretary Yvette Cooper gave a cautious welcome to falling unemployment figures and news that the number of young people claiming unemployment benefit is down for the fourth month in a row. Yvette Cooper said: “The figures show the investment in jobs, education and training places is making a real difference. Half a million fewer people are out of work than anticipated at the time of last year?s budget – saving over £10bn as a result.” New figures published by ONS show the number of people claiming Jobseeker?s Allowance fell by 32,300 on the month and ILO unemployment fell 33,000 on the quarter to 2.45 million – the largest fall in unemployment for two and a half years. The statistics show that the number of 18-24 year olds claiming Jobseeker?s Allowance has fallen for the fourth consecutive month, young people classed as unemployed on the ILO measure has also fallen for the third consecutive month. The figures reflect the £5bn government investment to help the unemployed and the big increase in education and training places which mean there are over 235,000 more full time students compared to last year. Article Source: APSCo Newsletter 15 Mar 2010