Demand for professional contractors has continued to increase, together with the numbers of contractors who seem to be preferring the Limited Company course of contracting.
Philip Fanthom (Managing Director, Jenrick IT) commented: “we have not seen this level of contract activity since 2007. Demand has been increasing month on month since October last year. In addition, we have noticed a sharp increase in rates for some skills, in particular; developers with C++, C#, and Java”
These market indicators have also been felt by 1st Option Accountants, who have also witnessed an major increase in demand. Marc Morris (Head of Sales & Marketing, 1st Option Accountants) commented:
"We all know that the economy faltered somewhat during 2009. However 1st Option has seen volumes of enquiries steadily rising over the last 6 – 8 months and we are currently experiencing monthly volumes rising between 7 and 12% per month. March 2010 is on schedule to be 1st Option’s busiest  month for 2 years! We are uncertain if the rises are more attributable to the easing of the recession or because of a migration away from umbrella company usage (I suspect both factors are contributing).
We have no direct evidence that there has been an impact thus far but this will surely come (the Budget this Wednesday may focus people’s minds!). We expect to see more people veering away from umbrellas due to this, the looming Agency Workers regs and as recruitment businesses start to rethink their approach to preferred suppliers."
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