Article by Jenrick IT: As many of you are aware, I have been rigorously researching career development trends in the Video Game Industry, with particular reference to Video Game Jobs in London (as this is the location which most of our enquiries originate from). This research culminated by me publishing a detailed blog article a few weeks ago titled “Career Development in the Video Game Industry – what skills do developers need?My purpose for writing a brief update post today was simply to extend my thanks to all the constructive and positive feedback I have had in response to my article and the questions I posed within it. I personally, as a recruitment consultant specialising in this sector, have been inundated with enquiries from clients and candidates all keen to build relationships within the sector. What has struck me in particular is the vast depth of skills that we possess just in London alone. Some of the Gaming Professionals I’ve come to know, especially those within the 3D Artist arena, have some of the most inspiring portfolios of work I have ever seen. Anyway, I will stop now and let you all get back to more important matters! Thank you all again for your support and I look forward to providing you with further updates on my research in the very near future. More information and further reading: For those that missed it, here is a link to my research article: “Career Development in the Video Game Industry – what skills do developers need?” If you are an IT professional with the Gaming Sector, you may wish to read our career option summary page: “Video Game Jobs in London – what opportunities are available?Please contact Jenrick IT for more details, asking to speak with Stevie Lambert - 01932 245 500.