As a market for IT recruitment, the UK is showing the first tentative signs of growth in the long-term, in spite of a reduction in the current number of contract roles. Second quarter research from the IT Job Board reveals that, despite the bright spots to come, the supply of work for all IT workers is at least half of the size it was last year. Growth in job vacancies posted on the website for both permanent and contract IT candidates is -57 per cent this year, according to a reading of its database in May. But asked in June about IT recruitment plans, more than 60 per cent of site clients said they were either considering IT hires or would make them in the next two quarters. Alongside the shortages of certain IT skills, this anticipated upturn in demand for computer staff is grounds to “predict that the long-term IT recruitment market will be particularly buoyant.” However, contrary to the belief that contract IT roles increase in demand during a recession, the figures “paint a different picture,” the IT Job Board added. Contract roles posted on the site account for only one in five vacancies – squeezed by demand increasing, albeit marginally year-on-year, for permanent staff, who are now required in 80 per cent of the roles. One subtext is that, when able to recruit, clients have prioritised full-time staff over their temporary, higher-paid, counterparts, partly to minimise redundancies. But the figures also indicate that the buoyancy seen on the horizon for IT recruitment is further away for contractors than it is for full-timers. Whenever it does emerge, that buoyancy is likely to have been led by demand for Help Desk Support, Programming and Project Management expertise, the IT Job Board said. Based on its findings, the site said the future looks equally as bright for Open Source developers, infrastructure analysts and business analysts, even though their current supply of work has thinned since last year. Networking jobs have also become harder to come by, though demand for IT support staff has held steady, while the pool of testing jobs has actually widened since 2008. On a regional basis, the greatest demand for IT workers is in London, which accounted for more than a third of the total vacancies, followed by the South East and the South West. Aug 7, 2009 Further Information: Relevant Groups on Linked In:  IT Contractors UK Jobs Group RSS Feeds: did you know that you can subscribe to this blog via RSS and also receive our latest IT jobs by RSS. Article Source: Contractor UK