Britain’s leading technology companies have set aside their rivalries to form a coalition willing the creation of 250,000 IT jobs within the next decade. They said the employment booster to the nation’s “IP-rich” IT sector was vital for the economy, given the decline of manufacturing and the “shock” to financial services.To ensure the quarter of a million new IT jobs emerge, at the earliest by 2017, political, business and academic captains were told to sign the Technology Manifesto. Created by software firm Micro Focus, and already backed by more than 30 influential figures, the manifesto states five directives for using the IT sector to stimulate the economy. The directives include the introduction of radical changes to tax incentives for companies and individuals who want to invest in growing technology businesses in the UK. Specific “fiscal incentives” for UK-based IT companies should accompany the reform, the manifesto says, to accelerate the UK’s output of world-leading R&D. And the “good will” of successful IT entrepreneurs overseas should be called upon, by inviting them to mentor IT start-ups in the UK which show high-growth potential. “The over-riding goal of the manifesto is to increase UK technology jobs by 250,000,” said the document’s signatories, who include BT Global Services, Carphone Warehouse, Virgin Media, Oracle, Tata Consultancy UK, Kingfisher IT and INSEAD. This job-creation process should “significantly raise the contribution by home-grown technology businesses to GDP over the next ten years, thus providing a real roadmap for recovery by creating sustainable jobs, businesses and wealth,” the companies said. Stephen Kelly, Micro Focus chief executive, spoke of the economy being currently "saddled with debt, decline, depleted industry and deteriorating employment," but said its IP-rich industries had the capability to "make Britain great again." Jul 23, 2009 Further Information: Relevant Groups on Linked In:  IR35 News Group and IT Contractors UK Jobs Group RSS Feeds: did you know that you can subscribe to this blog via RSS and also receive our latest IT jobs by RSS. Article Source: Contractor UK