Pearson Education has just completed a detailed video profile of The Jenrick Recruitment Group, which will be utilised within Universities throughout the UK. The fact that Pearson, the largest education resource supplier within the UK, has chosen Jenrick is an incredible honour in its own right. Pearson is only producing eight company profile films for the series, which will highlight companies that display ‘industry best-practice’ and could have chosen any number of companies throughout the UK and beyond from which to feature. The reason that they specifically wanted to profile Jenrick was due to our company’s notable success within the Sunday Times Best Company Awards, as Pia Luck, project co-ordinator for Pearson, highlighted:
"The fact that Jenrick had achieved such success over the last three years within The Sunday Times Awards and the associated Best Companies Accreditation, confirmed to us that your organisation was clearly a shining example of how a company can operate with commercial success whilst maintaining a 100% commitment to your staff. What particularly drew me to Jenrick was your website. It was so different to other businesses, even others that had achieved similar success within the Sunday Times Awards. It immediately said to me that there was so much personality within the company; the entire website was built around all the individuals within the company. It made me want to learn more about what made Jenrick ‘tick’."
The filming took an entire day, full of intensive interviews from individuals within the company, complemented by associated footage from the offices. Once complete (should be by late summer 2009), Jenrick will have a film profile that will be utilised in Universities throughout the UK to provide essential current case study material for Business Studies Under-graduates Students. As soon as a copy of the profile becomes available we will let everyone know. Alex Goodman, Director of Filming, summarised his thoughts on how well the filming had gone and what he had learnt about Jenrick:
"The quality of information that we received from everyone today was amazing. We have so much excellent footage to work with from several different business perspectives. What came through so clearly was how engrained the core values of your organisation are within everyone here. Each person used different words to describe how they felt about Jenrick and what it meant to work with the company, yet all carried the same message. We are fortunate that our job enables us to interview leading companies from all round the globe and as such, we are in a position to comment honestly and impartially on how each of the these companies comes across. I can openly say that all of you should be incredibly proud of Jenrick – everything about your company impressed me and the sincerity of everyone here and their approach to their work, is second to none. I am really looking forward to seeing your company grow and develop and hope to come back in the future and create another profile on your business."
More Information: In addition to the Pearson Education corporate profile, Jenrick was also chosen by Best Companies, the Workplace Consultancy company behind the Sunday Times Awards, to form part of an industry whitepaper they are developing. The paper is designed to create a 'blue-print' for corporate wellbeing, taking examples of wellbeing best-practice from all the leading companies within the Sunday Times Awards. To read this article, click on the following link: Best Companies interviews Jenrick