Jenrick IT is reporting a consistent increase in demand for IT professionals seeking SC cleared jobs within the UK - and urges anyone with current SC clearance or the ability to become SC cleared to contact our Government & Defence Specialist, Miriam Lee. So, if you are seeking SC (or DV) Cleared work, please read this article. Miriam Lee provided this insight into the current marketplace:
“In the last six months our clients have increased the demand for both permanent and contract IT professionals to almost insatiable levels. It is fantastic for our business, but we are acutely aware that we will have to find new streams of supply for SC cleared (or ability to attain SC clearance) I.T. individuals.”
So what is security clearance? Security vetting is carried out so that individuals operate or execute tasks, which in the course of doing so, requires national security clearance. Government organisations including the Ministry of Defence and the Armed Forces, together with consultancies that supply services such as IT to Government organisations require Security Cleared personnel. Clearance levels vary depending upon the sensitivity of the information that is accessed. You cannot apply for Security Clearance as an individual. Clearance is requested by an employer / service provider and carried out by Government agencies. Security Clearance is granted for a specific period of time depending on the employment term or for a particular project. Miriam Lee explained further:
“For our clients who are focused on IT, the two main levels of clearance that we look for are SC and DV. Security Check (SC) is a Basic Check plus UK criminal and security checks and a credit check. To gain (SC) clearance you will normally have been a resident in the UK for a minimum of 5 years. Developed Vetting (DV) This is a much higher level of Security Clearance and involves Security Check (SC) and, in addition, completion of a (DV) questionnaire, a financial check, checking of references and a detailed interview with a vetting officer. Demand continues to grow for IT professionals with Security Clearance, which is driven not only by an  increase in security consciousness, but also by the fact that more and more organisations are dealing with government bodies, as work is outsourced to the private sector”.
Summary & further information: If you are an IT professional with current or lapsed security clearance, or you are a British national who is interested in working in this sector, please visit our webpage on this subject at: (where you can search our latest jobs), or alternatively call Miriam Lee on 01932 245500.