Mechanical Design Engineering Jobs across a complete spectrum of UK industries are showing constant demand, even within the current economic climate – according to leading recruitment agency, Jenrick Engineering. Scott Davies, Jenrick Engineering’s Manager of their Burton Office, provided this overview on the current Mechanical Engineer Job Market within their area:
“We have been witnessing a shift in Mechanical Design Engineers moving from permanent roles into contract positions. As a result this has led to excellent opportunities for Engineers seeking a new permanent career move, as a substantial number of our clients desperately require permanent Mechanical Design Engineers to develop an increasing number of projects." With regards to the projects and industries, we have seen constant growth within all aspects of the Power & Energy Sector (Oil, Gas, Nuclear, Hydro, Wind) plus all aspects of the Utilities Market (Water supplies, Electrical & Gas supplies, Water waste), in line with a recent statement released by Dr. John Morton – Chief Executive of the ETB, who stated; “The solutions to the current global problems (of pollution) will be critically dependent upon the skilful application of SET, therefore the public expects the SET sector to find answers for disposing of nuclear waste, providing clean water and sanitation for all, reducing air pollution, improving water quality and mitigating climate change. Commercial application of SET will make a significant contribution to solving the problems of today and of tomorrow.”
Alec White, Manager of the Camberley Office of Jenrick Engineering, noticed some slightly different patterns emerging within the London and Southern Counties:
“Although we have also seen the same trend of an increasing number of permanent Mechanical Design Engineer jobs, we have also seen movement towards the Special Purpose Machinery Market, as a direct result of designs becoming smaller and smaller with the aim of efficiency improvements. As a result, Design Engineers with experience in the small mechanical component sector are greatly in demand. In addition, we have witnessed an increased commitment to training (from companies), specifically related to the 3D software packages used for development, such as Catia. Companies are realising that it is more important to find an Engineer with the correct culture fit, work ethos and attitude (and to invest in them to ensure their skillset is right for the business function), rather than compromising on candidate choice purely because they have the appropriate software background. This is an excellent indication of how Engineering companies are taking a much longer-term perspective on personnel development and recruitment strategies.”
Summary: Overall, this engineering sector (although evolving) is buoyant and offers a variety of career opportunities. To read more, please visit the Jenrick Engineering website where you can register your CV for engineering vacancies and search our latest engineering jobs.