The Jenrick CPI guide to I.T. terms, phrases and glossary is proving extremely popular with our clients within H.R. and also many of our job hunters. It is designed to help you create an accurate CV that appropriately highlights your skills, and also enables you to understand and apply for the positions you are most suited for. The online database has been kindly created by Ade McCormack, author of IT Demystified and The IT Value Stack and Journalist for the Financial Times. The speed at which the I.T. market is evolving makes it difficult for candidates to remain conversant with the latest I.T. terminology. Our A-Z of I.T. Terminology is designed to help take away any uncertainty you may have. It is a useful job hunting tool as it assists you to clarify the skills that clients are seeking and relate them to your own. It also gives you the opportunity to tailor your CV more accurately, emphasising your most important strengths, whilst enabling you to understand the true value of you I.T. competence. To take advantage of our I.T. Glossary, just visit the Jenrick CPI website or click on the following link: Or go directly to the sections that corrrespond to your search:    A - C        D - H        I - N        O - S        T - Z