I was reading The Sunday Times this weekend and one particular article really reminded me of a subject that Ade McCormack touched upon during his presentation at our recent IOD event – Work / Life Integration, which is to be the focal topic of our forthcoming Whitepaper. I would really welcome your views and comments on the article below, and how relevant it is within your working enviroment: The holiday season is fast approaching and for those of us with children the stampede is only a few weeks away. With the increasing availability of communications ‘on the move’, people are finding it hard to switch off, constantly being tied to the ringing of their mobile device. On holiday, they do not recharge anything other than their Blackberries. Technology means that only the geographical location to their occupational life changes – their body might be lounging by the pool but their minds are still connected to the office. Moira Elms, board member responsible for marketing and communications at Price Water-house Coopers, has occasionally seen such people pay a heavy price for not taking time to relax. “They become physically ill and just burn out,” she said. But Elms admits she, too, takes her Blackberry with her when she goes away. She said: “It enables me to enjoy holidays much more because if there’s a problem, I’m contactable. I used to kill myself the week before a holiday, making sure everything was done so I could go away without worrying. Now, if I know something’s coming in from a client, I can switch my Blackberry on and just look at that one e-mail. But it stays switched off the rest of the time.” A survey by a recruitment consultancy showed 97% of holidaying business people took their mobile phones and 68% either a laptop or a Blackberry. Just over a third would not consider staying in a resort without wireless access. I personally switch off my Blackberry and Mobile before my two week break with my family – I consider this an important part of my holiday as it enables me to fully focus on my wife and kids plus take a complete break from my work. Others within Jenrick, including my CEO, take a different view. I know he is far happier keeping his mobile communication with him – it enables him to relax as he knows what is going on and can immediately deal with any emergencies. There is no set company policy within Jenrick on the matter as it is considered a matter of personal choice. What also interesting though is that over the last six months we have invested in ensuring our website is fully accessible via mobile browsers. Why? Simply, because no matter what our own company policy is we know more and more of our clients work within a mobile environment and require their suppliers and business partners to operate accordingly. Let us know what you think – it’s an interesting topic and one that will only be debated within increasing frequency. Article by Philip Fanthom, Jenrick CPI Sales Director. (*Extracts taken from The Sunday Times* - June 29th 2008)