'Most of our clients are experiencing their best ever years' The words credit crunch and recession seem to be a daily occurrence on the news nowadays, and it's quite frightening actually when you think back to probably only a year ago when the term hadn't even been invented. One thinks 'is this just the government's way of talking us into a recession, or is actually real??'

The common opinion with our clients is that it is some form of scaremongering tactics and that actually business with most of them is more than good – in fact, some are enjoying their best ever years and have solid order books for the foreseeable future.

As you are probably aware, Jenrick Engineering operates within a variety of industries including; food, pharmaceutical, fmcg, aerospace, automotive and defence, and naturally this extends into all of the prospective supply bases for these sectors. As a result of this we have always been able to witness, and report upon the actual economic climate with accuracy & has enabled me to see that our client base is not being negatively influenced by a potential down-turn.

However, in addition our broad engineering customer base provides us with an incredibly stable customer base and therefore we are very fortunate that we can ride the wave of most economical downturns.

Clients have asked me in the past why we don't aim to specialise in one area, and my answer to this is "why put your eggs in one basket – especially when most of the candidates in Engineering have transferable skills to a variety of the sectors that we deal in."

'Accurately matching candidates and clients is becoming paramount'

Where we differ from other recruitment agencies is the time that we spend with our clients and candidates really working to understand, not only what the client manufactures, but also their company structure and ethos. This enables us to match candidates to clients needs far more accurately than other agencies – and as a result, our candidate retention levels are some of the highest in Engineering Recruitment.

From the candidate's perspective this enables us to really advise them on the opportunities within the market place – ultimately, saving candidates time, money and most of all stress!

As a result, we only ever submit candidates to job opportunities that, not only match their skills, but we also their career aspirations and motivations complement the company they are being recommended to.

This ‘personal’ and ‘select’ approach is really paying dividends for both clients and candidates alike - so much so that we are working more and more with clients and candidates on an exclusive basis, because of our excellent ‘matching ability.’

I do appreciate that many recruitment agencies make similar claims but do they really deliver?

As MD of Jenrick Engineering I am proud to say that I really believe this is the core concept of our brand, and that my main business drive is to ensure we continue to build and deliver upon this reputation – with the goal of making us the best specialist engineering recruitment solutions provider in the market.

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