The following article has been written to provide an overview of the current Surrey and Middlesex temporary & permanent job market. This article has been compiled by Trevor Lee, Managing Director of specialist commercial recruitment agency, Jenrick Commercial Limited - based in Walton on Thames, Surrey. Is the Credit Crunch having an impact on the local job market? “Everyone is talking down the job market and that there is an air of doom and gloom with the current economy (Credit Crunch & Recession fears in particular).  As a Commercial sector recruiter we deal with all areas of business; Finance & Banking, Telecommunications, Services, Consultancies, Property, Pharmaceutical, Travel and Health, to name just some of the industry sectors we recruit temporary and permanent personnel within. If we see a downturn in the market it usually reaches us at least 6 months prior to it being reported in the news. So far, if anything, companies are still employing at the same rate as last year and the only area where we have seen an increase in candidate flow is through the property industry. Is the job market still candidate driven? Over the last 2 years the commercial job market has been very candidate driven. The frustration being that when we work with a candidate for a particular vacant job they usually have 2-3 other jobs they are pursuing at the same time. This was not only a frustration for us but also for prospective employers, in that candidates were the ones dictating exactly what they wanted - as they (quite rightly) were in popular demand. The pendulum is now, thankfully, fairly equal for both the client and candidate, so in theory no one has the upper hand. Candidates do take note of the job market and with all the uncertainly being talked about they are now making quicker decisions which is making the process slightly easier to control from our aspect. We are finding that the market is buoyant and contrary to what the media are telling us we have had a very successful year and we have seen a 35% increase in revenue against this time last year. The only negative is that some clients are taking slightly more time in making decisions so to receiving the job on to physically a candidate starting has slightly slowed so this is for us to control as best we can. So all in all don’t always believe what the media tells you, the market has slowed but only marginally and apart from the property industry everything else is much of a muchness.