“YOUR REPUTATION IS WHAT INFLUENCES PEOPLE TO THINK FEEL AND TALK ABOUT YOU THE WAY THEY DO” - ROB BROWN In my role as MD of Jenrick Engineering I am in the very fortunate position of being involved in various groups, including currently attending a monthly ELITE meeting. Elite is an organisation set up by Mike Walmsley of Recruitment Training Productions Ltd to encourage networking between recruitment leaders across various sectors.  To be honest when I first thought of this idea it scared me somewhat – how could I share my business ideas with my “competitors” in the market place and sleep easy at night??!!  However, after attending my first meeting I realised just how much our REPUTATION as an industry precedes us – the people I met had or were experiencing similar business issues and problems as I was and it was good to meet like minded people to share and solve my problems with. During one of our recent meetings ROB BROWN (the leading expert on business relationships) had been invited along to speak about the power of reputation. This was ironic, as it was my perception of the Recruitment market’s reputation that had almost led me away from joining the group in the first place! To say it was an eye opening session would have been an understatement and it encouraged me to look into our reputation and how it is perceived in the market place. Evaluating our ‘reputation’ within the FMCG market: I have only surveyed one of our vertical markets so far, gaining feedback on our reputation within the FMCG (Food, Pharmaceuticals and general consumer goods manufacturing) market place - and the results were pleasing to say the least. I have plans over the next few months to conduct similar surveys within the Automotive, Aerospace, Plastics, Electronics and Oil and Gas sectors, and look forward to posting my findings. Survey Findings: Before I go on to show specific comments that were fed back from our Engineering clients, I also confirmed the following two points – 1. As a division, Jenrick Engineering supplies over 50 major OEMs within the FMCG sector alone. 2. Over 70% of these companies described Jenrick as their ‘first stop for engineering recruitment services and solutions’ within their departments. Specific comments from our FMCG clients regarding the Engineering recruitment services we provide their companies: “Jenrick provides a quick, honest and efficient service and really know their market within engineering.” “Jenrick’s team give a no nonsense service and always advise me on the reality of filling my positions within the current FMCG market place.” “Jenrick has, on several occasions, been able to provide me with maintenance engineers to be on site with only 4 hours notice of the requirement.” “The engineers Jenrick supply are of the top quality. Via their thorough recruitment processes they really identify the best candidates in the market, and every candidate arrives on site fully briefed on the role - which really cuts down on the time it takes to fill a position and get them  adding value to our business.” “Jenrick always deliver on their promises, they don’t make promises they can’t keep.” “Jenrick always keep me informed that way I know exactly where I am with filling my positions.” “Jenrick genuinely cares about their candidates and always work proactively to keep their contractors in consistent work where possible.” The results of this survey made me feel extremely proud. When I originally started the business, my belief in ‘the power of providing a good service’ was paramount. I absolutely believe in ‘quality not quantity’ and wanted to build a business that became the best in the market place - with regard to quality of service, quality of candidates and quality of placements.  My philosophy, and goal for the company, has always been to build long term relationships, and by doing so, enabling us to really understand our clients and their recruitment needs. After conducting the survey I now feel that we are well on our way to achieving the REPUTATION goal I set all those years ago. We will never stop striving to be known as the BEST ENGINEERING RECURITMENT ORGANISATION IN THE MARKET PLACE and will always work on feedback from clients and candidates alike to tweak our service levels. For those who may be new to our service offering, Jenrick Engineering specialises in the supply of Contract and Permanent Engineering Personnel to the FMCG market.  Please visit http://www.jenrickengineering.co.uk/ for a full list of current vacancies within this market place.