Hi I’m Hannah Murphy, I go to Farnborough Hill School. I came to Jenrick and Simon Holdings for some work experience for a PSE and English year eight project, which involved a big presentation and an essay. On Wednesday the 20th of February I was working at Jenrick Building Services, in the Camberley Office, with Lisa Hench. I was looking at electricians and plumbers CVs to help them find M&E jobs. I had to find out where they were currently working, and then I took the company they were working for and found out some information about them. For example; the careers that they were offering, how to contact them also some background information about the company. I also packaged a great deal of envelopes with letters saying thank-you for registering with our agency.  I would just like to say a big thank-you to everyone at the Camberley Office for all your help, I am very grateful! On Thursday the 21st of February, I was at Simon Holdings with my brother Simon who showed my around, told me what the different parts of the company do and how everything works. He also explained what the logo symbolises and explained what recruitment actually is, a week ago I would have had a vague idea, but now I know for sure! Then I went downstairs and worked with Sheryl Durban in accounts, putting the time sheets in alphabetical order and loading them onto the computer, then packaging and sending them out. I had a really great day, thanks a lot! On Friday the 22nd of February I was with Kevin Matthews, Kevin told me to explore the Jenrick website and take a couple of notes based on what I thought of the website. When I was finished Kevin asked some questions about the general look and feel of the website and what I thought about it. Then I was given a testimonial sent to Jenrick commercial from a candidate who wanted to thank Jenrick for all there help and knowledge as he had just got a job as a Recruitment Resourcer, thanks to Jenrick. Kevin wanted me to load the testimonial onto the Jenrick Commercial's website. First of all I had to go through the email and check the grammar and spelling were correct. Then because this email had to go on the website I had to add special code (HTML) to the text to make the format look correct when on the web page - click here to see it. Once I had successfully completed that task, I moved onto another, I coded and completed some more text about the 2012 Olympics for the Jenrick CPI website. This time had to add links to other websites, so it was slightly more challenging - click here to see it. Then my last task was to sit down and write a diary of my work experience, for the Jenrick blog. I would like to say a big thank-you to everyone who has helped me through out the three days, I have had a fantastic time and I have learnt a lot too! X