The Burton office of Jenrick recently conducted a complimentary CV clinic at the local plant of a Multinational Precision Machinery Corporation. Senior recruitment consultants individually consulted with staff from the company, not only giving essential CV advice, but also general help regarding the job-hunting market, pay and benefits, additional career options and interview advice. The clinic is all part of Jenrick’s complimentary service offered to companies in the area, and is often used (as it was on this occasion), when a company is forced to restructure or make redundancies within the workplace. Scott Davies, Branch Manager at Jenrick added: “We find that staff have often been with their company for ten or even twenty years. As a result, they find the whole idea of changing jobs overwhelming. We try and take away as much of that stress as possible by helping them understand how transferable and valuable their skills are, as well as providing essential CV and interview advice.” The Head of H.R. also commented: “We really appreciate your time and that of your colleagues. We really want the people affected here feel like we are trying to help them at this difficult time. I would also like to let you know that the MD was so impressed with Jenrick's set-up and approach. The poster you created in advance, plus the job hunting material you made available on the day itself. All this, with only a couple of day’s notice." If you were not able to attend the clinic on that day and would like to re-book at the Jenrick Office in Burton, please call (01283) 548 121. Alternatively, if you are a local company and would like to know more about the CV Clinic offered by Jenrick, please contact us on the number above.