Miriam Lee, one of the longest serving consultants spoke very highly of Jenrick's approach to flexible working - especially in light of returning to work after the birth of her first child.
I've worked with Jenrick ever since I was 18 years old - starting with the company back in 1991. For me, Jenrick is not just where I work, it is part of my life. Throughout my career I've always put in 110% - I'm not someone who works in half measures, therefore, when I had my first child in 2006 it was a real shock to suddenly not be at work. Funnily enough, the team had to literally kick me out of the office as I kept refusing to go on maternity leave - I eventually went on leave two weeks before the birth of our son. The first time I realised how understanding and flexible Jenrick was, was when my first six months of maternity leave were completed. It surprised me how much I was enjoying being a mum and I really wanted to stay at home for another six months. I met with the team and (without a moment's hesitation) their answer was one that I'll never forget and always appreciate: "Miriam, just tell us what you want to do and we'll ensure we accommodate you and your career around your family commitments." I felt an instant relief and a great feeling of re-assurance. It was lovely to feel valued like that. When I came back to work six months later I asked to only come back on a four-day week and working slightly shorter hours. Both points were agreed without any concerns whatsoever and my home PC was also linked to the company network to ensure I could access my emails and files whenever I wanted. They even took on additional support staff to ensure continuity of service within the office. What has also been wonderful, has been the on-going flexibility and understanding that the whole team has shown. Everyone appreciates that my life is slightly different now and yet support is superb. I've spoken with other parents in the company and their feedback seems to mirror mine, which is great to see. I have to say, Jenrick's approach to looking after their staff is second to none and for me, it has been the best motivational tool that I could have ever been given.
Miriam Lee, Senior Consultant - Jenrick IT.