The 'New Normal' Office Environment

It's great to be back in the office!
But things have changed. There are little differences around the building and a few new rules too!

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Mars Chocolate opens new £6M Research and Development facility

On Tuesday 25th September, Mars Chocolate opened a new £6m research and development facility in Slough. The company said that the "state of the art" site would be responsible for delivering new products to European markets and contributing to Mars' global innovation pipeline. It is Mars' largest...

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Food and Drink manufacturers finding it difficult to attract good quality engineering technicians

Food and drink manufacturers, such as Britvic, are finding it increasingly difficult to attract good quality engineering technicians into its business. As the sector becomes more automated, the profile of technicians required is changing and they now need to possess a mixture of electrical,...

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Food and drink sector is driving growth, according to CBI

The latest CBI quarterly Industrial Trends Survey for a second entertain of 2012 showed usually medium expansion in sum manufacturing, though drilling down into sold sectors suggested poignant winners and losers and food, drink and tobacco was a star performer. The news noted: ”Output...

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Grimsby’s £75M seafood devise to boost production with 970 jobs

North East Lincolnshire Council (NELC) has submitted a bid for £14M to a Department for Business Innovation and Skills, that will be corroborated adult with a betrothed £61M of private zone finance, if granted. Damien Jaines-White, conduct of mercantile expansion during NELC, told...

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What Weetabix means for Bright Food: analysts' view

Weetabix offers the Shanghai-based Bright Food company heritage and access to European markets with the potential for growth in Asia, according to analysts. British cereal favourite Weetabix is to come under Chinese ownership after a deal involving the Asian country's biggest overseas food ...

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Careers In Food Industry Perceived As A Stable Sector

Historically the perceptions of the food industry have often been considered to be an undesirable sector, with popular views that jobs in the industry have no prospects and are poorly paid. However, according to the Harris Barometer Survey conducted by the Food and Drink Federation (FDF),...

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