1. Oatcakes

Oatcakes have a low glycemic index, helping to keep blood sugar levels stable. They take a while to digest, meaning you’ll feel fuller for longer. Containing a healthy dose of soluble fibre, oatcakes are also great for lowering cholesterol!

2. Orange

Hesperidin, a specific molecule in oranges helps lower blood pressure. Eating an orange is far more effective than sipping orange juice as there’s no added sugar, but all the fibre.

3. Crudités

Crudités are wonderfully flexible – giving you a range of health benefits. Cucumber improves concentration, carrots fight infection, broccoli boosts brainpower and spinach lifts mood – the list is endless.

4. Natural Yoghurt

Yoghurt will give you the boost to get you through until your next meal, enabling you to perform at your best. High in protein, it’ll keep you fuller for longer. Wonderfully versatile – add chunks of fruit for a sweet kick or use it as a savoury dip with some veggie crudités.

5. Lemon

Citric acid contained within a lemon is what’s key here – stimulating the production of digestive enzymes, enabling your body to digest food more effectively, leaving you less prone to bloating and tiredness. The body uses energy when digesting, if this takes hours, that’s hours of energy stolen! Simply squeeze into your water or over your lunchtime salad.

Article kindly contributed by Anna Mason at The Healthy Employee


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