Historically the perceptions of the food industry have often been considered to be an undesirable sector, with popular views that jobs in the industry have no prospects and are poorly paid. However, according to the Harris Barometer Survey conducted by the Food and Drink Federation (FDF), 45% of the people agreed that a career in the UK food manufacturing industry offers stable and secure employment. The survey results also revealed that a further 40% of the people noted that food manufacturing industry provides promising career prospects. The survey, which was conducted in Spring 2012, involved 1100 people. FDF Director of Competiveness Angela Coleshill said that FDF is pleased with these findings as it reveals that the industry is an exciting and stable sector to work in.

"We employ some of the most innovative people and with a variety of roles from creating, developing, researching and marketing new products - the food industry is a great place to work," Coleshill added. "We are extremely pleased with these findings as it demonstrates that the industry is an exciting and stable sector to work in. As part of the FDF's 20/20 vision for growth, we have acknowledged that one of the key challenges is to deliver a sustainable growth of 20% by 2020 - by attracting the best talent to our industry.  We hope these findings provide skeptical individuals that this industry really is a challenging, rewarding and exciting sector to be in".

According to FDF, in order achieve its vision of delivering 20% growth in food and drink manufacturing by 2020, it is important to attract the best talent to the industry. In order to clear the misconceptions about careers in the food industry, the FDF has launched a campaign - 'Taste Success.' The key goals of the campaign are to promote the food and drink manufacturing sector as a good career option; clear the misconceptions that the sector in outdated; show the availability of long-term opportunities in the sector; and fill the current skills gaps in the food and drink manufacturing sector. More information: Jenrick Engineering is a recruitment partner for many of the leading Engineering Corporations within the UK, providing an array of contract and permanent job opportunities for engineers who operate within this sector. If you would like to  explore job opportunities in this sector, or wish to seek advice regarding recruiting contractors or permanent staff, please contact our offices at Burton on Trent (on 01283 548 121) or Crick, Northampton (on 01788 824555). Article Source: processandproduction.food-business-review.com