£15M is to be invested by the Government in new research and development projects and studies that will stimulate innovation and growth in the UK's food industries.

Up to £15M will be invested in major R&D projects that aim to increase the efficiency, sustainability and competitiveness of the food processing and manufacturing sector, focussing on increasing efficiency and reducing supply chain waste. A further £500,000 - targeted at micro, small and medium-sized companies - will be provided for feasibility studies that will consider better and more cost effective systems and processes, and the delivery of better products and services across the broader agri-food sector. Jim Paice, Food and Farming Minister, said:

"The UK has a world class reputation for innovation. I want to take this strength and use it to the economic advantage of the whole country. "That's why the Government is investing £15M in the development of cutting edge ideas that increase efficiency and reduce waste in farming, food and drink production and manufacturing.
"By getting businesses innovating and enhancing the UK's reputation as a world class pioneer of new production and manufacturing techniques, the food and farming sector can be a real engine for growth."

Iain Gray, Chief Executive of the Technology Strategy Board, said:

"There are tremendous opportunities for UK businesses to develop technologies and innovative systems that can improve the competitive position of the food and drink manufacturing sector, which has a turnover of over £75Bn a year, and to help grow the British economy. "We will be seeking proposals for projects and feasibility studies that will deliver innovation and technological advances throughout the UK's food and drink supply chain, creating opportunities for the export of goods and services to the wider global agri-food industry."

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