Fresh off the press is more superb news regarding UK employment growth  as  Starbucks announces that it will be creating 5,000 jobs over the next five years. The coffee chain wants to develop its drive-through business in the UK, increasing its current total from nine to 200 to maximise convenience for commuting customers. It also intends to add a further 100 coffee shops to Britain's high streets, with around 5,000 jobs being made available as a result of these two factors.

Prime minister David Cameron called the move a "great boost for the British economy and the local communities that will directly benefit from these openings". "I welcome Starbucks' announcement and I am glad to see continued investment and job creation in the private sector," he added.

Last month, it was revealed that customers at the coffee chain will be able to pay for their drinks using an app on their smartphones from January 5th 2012 onwards. Vice-president of marketing in the UK Brian Waring said this should reduce queues and boost customer service at busy outlets during peak times. Starbucks began in Seattle in 1982 and there are now 9,000 company-owned stores and some 8,000 licensed outlets worldwide. Source: Click on the following links for more UK job market news or to gain job hunting tips and advice if you are thinking about moving jobs. The Jenrick Recruitment Group is an award-winning multi-sector recruitment agency that has been helping people develop their careers since 1967.