The Engineer has just released an article highlighting that the latest ONS reports and Engineering Council Surveys confirm that salaries for those who work in the engineering sector are increasing at a rate substantially above the national average. Here are some of the key points that have been highlighted in the article: Given the much talked-about skills shortage in engineering, coupled with the substantial growth and success that the UK is experiencing within this sector, the rapid increase in salaries, as companies have to compete to attract and retain the top talent, should be expected.

Is this just a recent trend?

Actually no – you can go back to 2011 for the first indications the engineers were in high demand. While the national median salary was flat, engineers got an average boost of over two per cent. Then last year, this increased to around four per cent – double the rate of inflation.

Message to employers

Quite simply, expect to pay more than what you did 12 months ago. Engineers are hot property and as such, competition to attract them and keep them is becoming fierce. This is very good time to be a professional in the engineering sector.

Summary and further information:

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