Contractor requirements for Multi-skilled Electrical and Mechanical Maintenance Engineers have hit an all-time high in  each of Jenrick Engineering’s branches, with Food, FMCG and the automotive sector showing greatest demand.

In our opininon, this rise in demand for contractors can be attributed to: 

  • The British economy is growing at twice the predicted rate according to NIESR (National Institute of Economic and Social Research) and the predictions are for this to increase significantly for the remainder of 2013 and will continue throughout 2014!
  • In addition, according to Markit, British manufacturing is hitting its highest levels for over 2 years and associated hiring figures indicate that employment within manufacturing has grown consecutively for the last 5 months.
  • As a result (of the previous point), there are far fewer permanent candidates available for work or seeking to move jobs. Equally, those that are looking for a new challenge, tend to be waiting for ‘just the right’ position rather than jumping at the first opportunity that crosses their path.
  • Furthermore, even when a candidate is offered a new role they are extremely likely to be offered a substantial counter-offer from their existing employer to remain within their current company.

All of these points are limiting the speed at which companies can respond to these positive market conditions. However, an option that more and more companies are turning to, which is helping them to rapidly scale-up production, are contractors.

Multi-skilled Contractors help to solve these issues:

  • As permanent positions are staying vacant for longer (as our points above explained), more and more companies are turning to contractor services to provide interim cover for these positions, thereby ensuring minimal disruption to projects and production, whilst they recruit.
  • In some cases, where the search for a replacement permanent hire has proved so difficult and has dragged on for so long, the company has even pulled the budget / head-count because the department has been managing to ‘get by’ without that individual.
  • Also, some companies are still nervous about the economy and fear double or even treble dips. Therefore, bringing in contractors to cover until they can see a clearer long-term forecast and they are able to offer a secure future to permanent candidates.
  • Peak loads are another reason why contractors are in such demand as clients are simply busy and need a fully trained and capable solution, often at short notice.
  • Projects that have been held back are now landing on companies in their multiples, putting increased stress on the permanent staff – so the need for full project teams for design, and installation are being called upon.

Summary and further information:

In summary, Multi-skilled Electrical and Mechanical Maintenance Contract Engineers enable a company to immediately scale-up its workforce by providing a flexible, instant and low-risk solution for organisations seeking to take advantage of resurging economic conditions. If you are a company that is struggling to fill a permanent position and would like to explore how contractors could enable you to scale-up your production, extend your shift patterns or kick-start new projects, then please contact our offices for examples of how we are assisting other organisations. Equally, if you are a Multi-skilled Electrical and Mechanical Maintenance Contract Engineer seeking additional short-term or long-term contracts, then please contact us to discuss the companies and contract opportunities that we have available. Jenrick Engineering is a recruitment partner for many of the leading Engineering Corporations within the UK, providing an array of contract and permanent recruitment solutions throughout a variety of industry sectors. If you wish to seek advice regarding recruiting contractors or permanent staff, please contact our offices at Burton on Trent (on 01283 548 121) or Crick, Northampton (on 01788 824 555).