Jenrick Engineering, the specialist engineering recruitment agency, has just received news that will potentially generate 30,000 new engineering jobs in the West of England. NEW plans for a multi-billion- pound barrage across the Severn Estuary are being considered by the UK Government. The scheme, which would generate around 5% of the UK’s electricity needs, has been submitted by a consortium called Corlan Hafren to the Department for Energy and Climate Change (DECC).

More than 30,000 jobs could be created from the barrage, from a turbine-manufacturing plant and from a new port, it is claimed.

It is understood the consortium is in talks with financial backers, including sovereign wealth funds from the Middle East, for investment running into tens of billions of pounds. The consortium’s scheme would be privately financed, a government requirement after the rejection of other, publicly-funded barrage and tidal schemes last year. It has also said it would consider constructing a motorway standard road across the top of the barrage linking the M4 and M5 and so possibly providing an alternative to the existing Severn crossings. It also mentioned construction of a “a turbine manufacturing plant at Port Talbot together with a new deep water dock facility for Ultra Large Container ships (ULCs) to access the west of the UK.” Even without that development, new port facilities could be required at Port Talbot for the barges necessary to move the concrete caissons that would make up the barrage. The legacy of these and associated developments could be to create more than 30,000 jobs, it is claimed. Corlan Hafren says that “unlike other technologies, the barrage has an asset life of 120 years or more, with very low ongoing maintenance costs once the initial capital outlay is repaid.” More information: Jenrick Engineering is a recruitment partner for many of the leading Engineering Corporations within the UK, providing an array of contract and permanent job opportunities for engineers who operate within this sector. If you would like to  explore job opportunities in this sector, or wish to seek advice regarding recruiting contractors or permanent staff, please contact our offices at Burton on Trent (on 01283 548 121) or Crick, Northampton (on 01788 824555). Article Source: