Jenrick Engineering, the specialist engineering recruitment agency, continues to report on the increasing employment opportunities within the Engineering sector, this time with the news that thousands of jobs could be up for grabs in Norfolk and Suffolk with the building of two new power stations in the next decade. It is thought that if EDF Energy go ahead with plans for Sizewell C and get permission for the new station then initial construction work could start in 2015 with work on a station in Bradwell, Essex starting in 2017. During the construction period of the current power station Sizewell B - which is the most recent nuclear reactor to be built in the UK involved more than 3,000 UK companies, with 690 from East Anglia. During the peak construction phase more than 5,000 people were employed, with a large proportion from the local area. An EDF Spokesman said:

"‘A new nuclear power station in Suffolk would bring a welcome boost to the local and regional economy and support employment, skills, economic and wider community benefits to Suffolk as a whole. "The Sizewell C project is at a very early stage, but if the project was to go ahead we would expect the creation of approximately 5,000 jobs during the peak construction phase and 900 jobs during its 60 years of operation.

Celia Anderson, executive director of EEEGR's Skills For Energy Programme, said there were new business opportunities for companies and for people at all skill levels in this region:

"Construction of Sizewell C and Bradwell will increase the demand for engineers, particularly mechanical and electrical, at a time that they will also be needed in the offshore industry. . . . we need more home-grown engineers to work here and ideally also export their skills to elsewhere in UK."

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