It's great to be back in the office!

But things have changed. There are little differences around the building and a few new rules too!

The COVID-19 Pandemic took everyone by surprise. Absolutely nobody was prepared for how quickly things escalated. Arguably this doesn't just include businesses, but also Governments and even the World Health Organisation (WHO).

It's fair to say that during this time, despite people being in lockdown, furloughed, isolating and now for those even back at work, everybody managed to come together and support one another. Just not physically.
Technology has played a huge part of keeping personal and work relationships going while also ensuring business could move forward where possible.

So how, as individuals and as businesses, have we tried to get back to a sense of normality?

Jenrick Recruitment have always had a flexible policy of working from home when and where possible. This has always been to encourage working mums and dads to have some form of flexibility while pursuing a successful career and to allow others to not stress about commuting during peak times.

In having this part of our culture, it has made for an easier transition for our staff who continued working to continue to perform their roles successfully with minimum distraction - bar the kids!
We've invested heavily in our IT infrastructure over the years to ensure working from home has always been an option - making the step from working from home was optional to where everyone to HAD to work from home, a simple one.

Returning to the office was the next step. What were the Government advising / recommending? What extra steps should we take to make our staff feel comfortable when they return?

We've implemented and invested in a number of steps to ensure we keep our staff safe when working from the offices. Whether working from home or in the office our staff always provide an
exceptional service to our clients - investing in infrastructure for our staff gives them peace of mind to focus on their work and our clients.

So what's in place in our offices now we have returned?
- Entrance door camera with temperature check
- hand sanitizer on everyone’s desk
- Automatic taps where possible
- 2ft transparent screens between desks
- Facemasks available for staff
- Disposable gloves
- Every other desk being used
- Shift pattern working in the office and at home
- New rules for communal spaces
- Clear signage and rules for all aspects of office working following government advice
- Our cleaners now clean every night opposed to three times a week


Now that we have been back in the office for a few weeks it’s great to see all the above in place, ensuring staff feel safe and allowing our teams to focus on their work.

Get in touch with Jenrick Recruitment to see how we can help your businesses get back on track with a recruitment strategy for the latter half of 2020.