2017 was our busiest year since we started trading over 11 years ago.  However, as the business has grown our levels of service to our clients and candidates has been maintained at the highest levels. Jumping back to 2016 when we closed on a record year when, we thought the market had peaked – 2017 only went and continued in the same fashion and superseded our expectations. We saw our business increase by 153% from 2016. The experience we have gained through these busy times has set us apart from a lot of other companies which is why we retain the vast majority of our clients and see candidates making us the first choice to help them find exceptional jobs.


Quarter 1 2018 has been an exceptional start for us which is great to see that momentum is still continuing - we are 17% above where we were this time last year.  There is no shortage of requirements at present so the challenge is still very much candidate driven.


Why was, and is it, so busy? Over 50% of our clients need to hire is based on growth and demand in their business. With all the negative press on Brexit we expected a slowdown in the market – this wasn’t and still isn’t the case – we are seeing businesses grow and also companies from around the globe investing in the UK increasing job opportunities. So there are no signs of the market slowing down for Brexit or any other limiting factors in the industry right now. 


For the last 5 years the market has been extremely candidate driven, sourcing and connecting with top talent has proven a challenge. Many companies have realised that their most important commodity is their employee and we’ve seen a large increase in companies engaging their current talent to keep them in the business. The cost of sourcing, employing and training a new staff member is a large investment for any business so to see businesses step up their investment on staff isn’t surprising. Sometimes though, careers just run their course – and people move on, this is where Jenrick Commercial come into their own – businesses want and need great people, and those are the only candidates we work with.


Candidates recognise that strong skills and experiences have real value in today’s market which has often made command higher salaries. This has led to a lot of competition at the mid to top end of the market meaning business are having to make quicker decisions for the right people and right expertise.


If you would like to speak to us about finding the right people for your business, or if you are looking to progress your career with some of the best businesses in the UK then get in touch here. We will make sure that it’s a perfect fit, for clients and candidates alike.


For more information please get in touch with Trevor Lee, Jenrick Commercial Managing Director on 01932 230868