The 'New Normal' Office Environment

It's great to be back in the office!
But things have changed. There are little differences around the building and a few new rules too!

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The Company Beauty Contest – The paradigm shift!!, by Philip Fanthom, Managing Director at Jenrick IT

In 2014, I (Philip Fanthom, Managing Director at Jenrick IT), have witnessed the biggest gearing up in staffing demand for over a decade. Every statistic being released speaks of growth in all sectors and the increase in demand for skilled workers. The ICA (Institute of Chartered...

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IT – A business unit or a business enabler? Part 1 of 4 - Changing the perception of IT, by Sean Curran (former COO of CCLA Investments and former CFO of BGC Brokerage)

Sean Curran, former COO of CCLA Investments and CFO of BGC Brokerage, kindly contributed the following article on the true business value of I.T.: The IT press conveys the impression that the key issues facing the Chief Technology Officer (CTO) today revolve around data, security, the use of...

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IT Contractors: Why go Limited?

As an IT recruitment consultancy, we (Jenrick IT) are regularly asked by contractors about the benefits of becoming a Limited Company. To answer this for us, we approached Danbro, an accounting company that specialises in providing this type of advice to contractors, who kindly contributed...

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26,000 new financial tech jobs by June

The UK financial services industry should have added 26,000 jobs in the year to June, according to a recent survey. The research, carried out for trade body the CBI, found that employment at the end of the second quarter should be 26,000 higher than a year before, indicating recovering...

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Continued demand for developers - Contact Jenrick IT for job opportunities available immediately!

Jenrick IT, specialist IT recruiters, are reporting continued demand for developers and have a number of job opportuities available immediately... Matt Hancock, Recruitment Consultant at Jenrick IT commented:  “Right now, there is a particular demand for developers, all with companies that...

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Responsive web design (RWD) - the future of the web or a passing fad?

The Internet has come a long way since those early days of dial-up connections and web surfing. It is now part of our very existence. Whether we are filing tax returns on a train or doing the weekly shopping from the comfort of our beds, the Internet now has a huge hold on all of us. The way we...

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