Say Hello to Jenrick Technology! by James Davey

A change is as good as a rest!

As the new year starts we would like to inform you of a change we’ve decide to make as a business.

We’re changing our name from Jenrick IT to Jenrick Technology.

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James Davey

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'Four Principles of High Performing Teams', by Jonathan Gregory (Enterprise Architect at Elsevier)

Jonathan Gregory, Enterprise Architect at Elsevier, has enabled CxO executives to transform their businesses with technology strategies. Adept at articulating technical concepts in business terms to non-technical people, he inspires those around him with his creativity and passion. READ THE...

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Big Data: Dead By Definition, Alive In Practice

‘Big Data’ is a term straight out of a Hollywood blockbuster and has been one of the most trended terms on Twitter and LinkedIn for the last 18 months. However, has it run its course? Was it merely a fad? Or has the term merely been hijacked by seemingly well meaning people who simply did not...

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Jenrick IT was proud to sponsor the 'Future Fourteen' CIO/CEO event at the RSA on Tuesday 1st July 2014 - a brief synopsis

On Tuesday 1st July 2014, Jenrick IT was proud to sponsor 'Future Fourteen' - an exclusive all-day CIO/CEO event by Richard Chase Events at the RSA in London. This one day event brought together a panel of Global Technology Leaders including the Head of Google Enterprise Cloud Platform, Former...

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Keith Ferrazzi on Relationship Development for Growth and Success

For those of you who attended the Jenrick IT 'IT Leadership' event on Thursday June 5th, will remember that during Gary Sage's keynote speech, he referenced a motivating video by Keith Ferrazzi (The author of the runaway bestseller 'Never Eat Alone'), on relationship development for growth...

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IT Leadership Event - event review, by Sami Porter (Consultant at Jenrick IT)

On Thursday June 5th Jenrick IT held its latest IT Leadership Event, titled “IT Leadership – maximising your impact and influence.” The event was opened by Gary Lloyd, an experienced IT Project Manager, Guest Speaker and Author, who put the following statement to a packed audience of IT and...

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The Company Beauty Contest – The paradigm shift!!, by Philip Fanthom, Managing Director at Jenrick IT

In 2014, I (Philip Fanthom, Managing Director at Jenrick IT), have witnessed the biggest gearing up in staffing demand for over a decade. Every statistic being released speaks of growth in all sectors and the increase in demand for skilled workers. The ICA (Institute of Chartered...

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